Sheltered workshop in Hradec Kralové and Nachod


Verpet sheltered workshop: Support and integration of people with disabilities

In Náchod and Hradec Králové there is a sheltered workshop Verpet, which is dedicated to the employment of people with disabilities. This workshop is not only a workplace where work is carried out, but also an environment for social integration and support for individual employees in all aspects of their lives.

One of the key pillars of the work of Verpet Sheltered Workshop is to provide an inclusive working environment with special workplaces that are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The workshop focuses on rehabilitation through work and on integrating and respecting the individual needs of each employee.

One of the main objectives is also to provide employment for people with disabilities and to offer special work opportunities that are accessible and supportive. The workshop specializes in jobs such as sorting, machining and visual inspection of products, which includes visual inspection process and product inspection.

Verpet's main areas of activity include the manufacture of various products and components for the industrial sector. This includes assembling and packaging of perfume sachets, assembly of lighting fixtures using battery tools, manufacturing of wire harnesses for various applications including cable measurement and crimping, manual and machine manufacturing of toroidal transformers and chokes, visual inspection of metal parts using microscopes, manual machining of rubber products and other activities.

The Verpet sheltered workshop is actively looking for suitable job opportunities for people with disabilities throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. It actively cooperates with various companies and businesses that are looking for alternative fulfillment opportunities and at the same time want to promote inclusion and employment of people with disabilities. It also offers a wide range of opportunities for companies that need specialized work, such as sorting, machining and visual inspection of products or the production of cable harnesses and various connectors.

The Verpet workshop is not only a place of work, but also a place where the individual growth and integration of people with disabilities into society is promoted. Their work is not only economically important, but above all socially important, as it contributes to creating an inclusive environment and strengthens the dignity and self-esteem of each employee.